The Prologue.

My name is Shivani Shah and I’m a junior majoring in Biology and Science Technology and Studies at NJIT. I used to have another blog on Tumblr, which I had been writing on since my freshmen year of college. I use to blog to post pictures I took and wrote from time to time about random topics. As I got busy last semester I ended up closing my account. I created this blog to share my experience as an aspiring physician assistant student and to post articles on various topics for example new medical research in our society.  A question I like to ask everyone is when in life do we get to figure out who we are? What we want from life? I honestly haven’t figured out everything in life like many college students. I have had an interest in the medical field since I was 7 years old. I always heard stories from my uncle who was a medical student then and I couldn’t wait to grow up and experience the medical life. As I grew up my interest changed. For a while I wanted to major in Business and be a CEO for a fortune 500 company. How did I get an interest in the medical field again? It wasn’t till I was life-guarding and I had to handle a patron that was having a stroke.

That experience led me wanting to help and care for people. I decided to take a Biology class and I fell in love with the human body. I sound like a typical science geek but it was a changing point in my life. That is when I figured out what I wanted to do in life as a career aspect. As I entered college I got the privilege to do research with Dr.Dhawan and while doing research I learnt how the third world countries in our world don’t have half of the research technologies we have today. I want to help people who can’t afford medical procedures and be able to help change their lives around. As an aspiring physician assistant student I have seen that not many students have correct guidance on apply to physician assistant schools. I also want to blog my experiences as I apply to physician assistant school so someone can learn from my mistakes and have a better journey as an aspiring physician assistant student. I figured this is my first step in helping people and giving back to the community. I did a lot of research on the field I want to go in and you could use my CIP code that is 51.0912. to learn more about a physician assistant and their field.


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