Why Study Abroad?

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I’ve been brought up in the most nurturing and loving family. Of course I am biased in this regard, but I would consider my upbringing is as close as perfect. My parents were and have been able to provide me everything I could have ever wanted or needed, while making sure I had strong work ethic, and gratitude. That being said, I felt sheltered. My main goal of studying abroad was to prove to myself that I could be independent. That I could manage my life by myself and for myself, and no one else. In doing so, I could perhaps finally independently discover who I am and what new experiences I will obtain.

This is what the study abroad experience has provided me. Exposure to new beliefs, attitudes, and ways of thinking and living has given me broad perspective. Also it help me improve my knowledge of language and learn different cultures. It also increased my self confidence because I learnt to put my self out there and be able to talk to different kinds of people who had a different background than me.

Through my school’s (NJIT) study abroad program I was accepted in the Research Intership In Science and Engineering program that was in Germany this past summer of 2013. There are 2 different study abroad programs NJIT offer’s one is a semester long program and the second kind is  where you can study a summer abroad.  During my study abroad trip I was able to research on non-invase blood glucose monitor and earn course credit for it. Also I was able to travel places’ in Europe like Paris, London and Amsterdam. I noticed that traveling is a very expensive addiction but once you start traveling you don’t want to stop you want to keep going to different place’s. Like any traveling trip if you pre-plan your trip of all the place’s you want during your visit  you will save you a lot of money compared to a last minute trip. The main issue I though I would have to study abroad was that the tuition would be very costly but many study abroad programs offer scholarships and grants for their program that helps your trip to be affordable. The more I traveled during my stay the more I realized there are so many place’s I have yet to see in the world and in America itself. I gained so many experience’s from my trip like trying different cultural food, learning to speak some german and french, learning about german traditions. Even though I am getting a top-notch education at NJIT and don’t want to leave campus most of the time, I was so happy that I did and I think every student needs to experience studying abroad. I was so lucky to meet such amazing colleague, friends and most importantly distinguish professor’s who were very helpful to me in adjusting to my new enviroment. If your not still convinced to study abroad click here hopefully this may give you more reason’s to change your mind.